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Cash Cow is a premier Weekly Options Newsletter written by famed options trader and author Chuck Hughes. Each week Chuck provides members with top-notch option trading strategies, in-depth market analysis, new profit opportunities, and more.

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Over the past five years alone, we have experienced a global financial meltdown, severe recession and bear market, high unemployment, increased market volatility and an uncertain economy. This financial turmoil has made it very difficult for the average investor to realize a consistent return on investment.

Despite these difficult market conditions, Chuck's option strategies produced over $3.3 million in actual profits over the past five years. Brokerage account statements confirming these results are available in his Weekly Option Winner  manual. The manual shows his $3,308,137.76 in profits with an average return of 69.3%. The average number of days in a trade was 67 days resulting in an annualized return of 377.5%. There were 335 winning trades and 21 losing trades resulting in 94.1% accuracy.

Option Investing Produces $3.3 Million in Actual Profits